Winter Must-Haves to Store In Your Trunk

During this cold time of year, the weather can become unpredictable. It can be dry and bitter one day and snowy or icy the next. The horrible weather is a massive contributor to vehicle accidents in the winter. So to stay prepared and safe this winter, we recommend stocking up on these must-have winter essentials:

Portable phone charger

While this doesn't directly impact your car's performance, you never know when your phone might shut off. If the vehicle breaks down and you have a dead phone battery, how would you ask for help?


A flashlight can help if you need to pull off to the side and check out things under the hood. It can also come in handy when you need to signal help from other drivers.

Foldable shovel

A collapsible or compact shovel is an ideal item to have on hand, just in case you get stuck in a pile of snow.

Ice scraper and snow brush

An ice scraper and snow brush can save you tons of time if you've got a windshield covered in snow or ice. You're going to need a clean and clear windshield for maximum visibility.

Kitty litter or sand

While they may sound weird, kitty litter and sand are trusted items to help your tires gain traction. If you're stuck in a bunch of snow, just simply sprinkle it around your tires; you'll be out of there in no time!

Snacks and water

Food and water are necessities for your survival. You never know what kind of situation you can be in, but these can save your life.

First aid kit

A first aid kit can relieve your pain for minor accidents or injuries. 


As you prepare for the long and harsh winter, we highly urge you to stop by Autobahn Auto Repair for a winter inspection. From oil changes, fluid flushes, battery tests, wiper replacements, and more, we can do it all to ensure your vehicle stays safe and reliable this winter.