Why Is My Motor Oil Leaking From My Car?

It doesn't take a car enthusiast to know that oil changes are the most important maintenance item. Your vehicle needs fresh and clean engine oil to reduce the friction and heat within the engine compartments. Without it, your engine parts will wear down so much quicker and overheat. Furthermore, it also has anti-corrosive properties. 

Over time, motor oil picks up debris and dirt and gets contaminated, making it less effective at its job and hurting its mechanical parts. If you leave your oil unchanged long enough, it will start to leak. 


How Do Oil Leaks Happen?

  1. Blown Head Gasket - If you own a vehicle with old age that is prone to overheat, the head gasket will likely get blown. When this happens, your motor oil will leak out.
  2. Clogged Oil Filter - Neglecting an oil change also means skipping out on a filter change. When the filter gets old, the condition and flow of the motor oil can be compromised, leading to potential leaks and engine damage.
  3. Damaged Oil Pan - Because the oil pan is located underneath your car, it is susceptible to damage. Getting into accidents, running over curbs, or hitting potholes can end up damaging the pan, leading to leaks.
  4. Other Worn Gaskets or Seals -  The gaskets and seals naturally wear down over time, which is why your technician needs to check on them at every oil change. 

To avoid oil leaks and damage to your engine, please regularly monitor your motor oil and get it changed on time. If you are looking for an oil change or leak repair in Newark, NJ, look no further than Autobahn Auto Repair.