Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

Your automobile began to vibrate as you approached a stop sign and applied the brakes but you were not driving on a rough or a bumpy road. So why does your automobile massage you without your permission? Are you asking yourself, "Why does my automobile tremble when it brakes?"

Sticking Brake Calipers

When you push the pedal, brake fluid pumps through the pipes and is applied by the brake calipers to force the brakes against the rotor. Hydraulic pressure generated by the fluid causes the caliper to push the pads. If you just experience vibration in the steering wheel, the calipers may be stuck and not pressing the brake pads on the rotors.

Issues with Brake Rotors

Your brake rotors, which are substantial metal discs situated between the two brake pads of your brakes, are fastened to the wheel hub assembly or axle of your car. Through the braking caliper, these pads press on the rotor to slow and stop your car. The brake pedal activates the master cylinder, which supplies hydraulic fluid pressure to this caliper. You can feel that unpleasant vibration when you brake if one or more of your rotors get distorted.

Suspension or Alignment Issues

When applying the brakes, cars that are not well aligned can have a shuddering effect. Out-of-alignment vehicles risk damaging essential suspension parts and hastening tire wear. Similarly, owing to regular wear and tear, suspension parts may eventually become worn out. Your suspension system can be at fault if the shaking and vibrations occur while you brake normally while turning.

Examine Your Braking System

You'll want professional specialists to carefully analyze the system to ascertain what is causing your car to shake while you're out on the road in order to accurately identify which symptom is accurate. They'll assess if the problem is with the braking rotors or whether your car requires new brake pads so you can continue traveling in safety and comfort.


A faulty brake system can cost you your life in extreme situations. Visit Autobahn Auto Repair to professionally fix your brake issues and save both time and money.