Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection Matters


It's always a little uncomfortable and scary buying a used car. Whether you purchase at a dealership or negotiate with a private seller, it's hard to know the vehicle's true history and what it has been through. However, you can still feel confident with your purchase by getting a pre-purchase inspection at Autobahn Auto Repair.


As a buyer, you have every right to seek a third-party evaluation of the car you want to purchase. The automotive service and repair experts at Autobahn Auto Repair can conduct a detailed and complete vehicle examination and provide you unbiased feedback based on what we find. A pre-purchase inspection can inform you if the vehicle is in good shape or if you should be concerned about hidden problems. Our technicians can also spot minor pain points that may not be an immediate problem now but could develop into something later. You'll leave our shop knowing exactly what you need to know before investing in the used automobile.


If challenges are found with the car, our team will provide you with a full breakdown report and repair estimates that you can bring to the seller. You may use the report as negotiation leverage to get a better deal or get them to pay for any urgent repairs before the transaction is completed. Some people proceed to buy the car, with the minor problems, at a reasonable price and then bring it to us for immediate repairs and service. Regardless of what you do, it is good to have peace of mind about what needs to be done to make an informed purchase decision.


We are not discounting used car dealerships as pre-inspections done by reputable dealerships are relatively trustworthy. Some shops won't put a used vehicle on their sale lot without a thorough inspection and some maintenance work already performed. Still, it never hurts to get a second opinion. It's riskier when dealing with a private seller, which it is highly recommended that you seek an inspection by an expert auto repair shop. You deserve to know the ins and outs of what you are buying and if the purchase price is warranted.


Whether you come in for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection or auto repairs and maintenance, you can count on Autobahn Auto Repair for the professional service and personal care you deserve. Call or visit our shop today!