What Does An Engine Overhaul Entail?

If you have an old or damaged vehicle, you may or may not have heard the word engine overhaul thrown out by your mechanic at some point. If you're unsure what it means, you're in luck! We will be going over what exactly an engine overhaul service entails.


When a vehicle's motor starts to make strange noises or produces weird smells, then you should have a professional check it out. The noise might come with an obnoxious amount of exhaust smoke, which can be a major sign of severe engine damage. It can be difficult to know for sure without a proper check-up from a certified technician. In some circumstances, the mechanic may tell you that the engine damage on your hands is too far done and requires an engine overhaul. This requires the expert knowledge and skills to remove your engine, break it apart, clean it up, replace any damaged engine parts or seals necessary, and then reassemble the engine back together again.  


Some engine overhauls are more extensive than others. In an enginerebuild, a technician will have to remove the entire engine from the chassis. Every nut, bolt, and other removable piece is cleaned and replaced with OEM parts. 


As you can imagine, engine repair services often take more time and labor to get done than any other type of auto service. However, it will be worth it to help make your engine run safer and more efficiently. If you are in need of an engine overhaul in Newark, NJ, please bring your car to Autobahn Auto Repair soon! We are a full-service auto repair and tire shop specializing in Audi, BMW, Dodge, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Toyota, and Ford.