What are the Symptoms of Bad or Failing Spark Plugs?

For your vehicle engine performance to be at optimum, the plugs must consistently transmit an electrical signal to the ignition coil. After that, the ignition coil ignites the mixture of air and engine cylinders to propel your car. It is essential to check them regularly to ensure that they remain perfect for your ignition and combustion system to work efficiently. Always consult your mechanic for professional advice because different cars require a specific spark plug with a distinct spark plug gap for the fuel to burn efficiently.

Common Symptoms of Worn-Out Spark Plugs

Take your vehicle for inspection regardless of assurances, even if your car manufacturer warrants because spark plugs can wear out. Here are the common symptoms that your car's spark plugs need replacement:

Slow Acceleration

If your car accelerates sluggishly than usual, spark plugs may be faulty. For most modern vehicles, the ignition system is the main reason for slow acceleration. The spark plug, made of the material responsible for sparks that ignite the air-fuel mixture, may wear out with time, reducing complete- combustion.

Poor Fuel Economy

Failing spark plug will lead to incomplete air-fuel combustion. When this happens, the combustion cycle is not optimum, and such a scenario leads to a poor fuel economy. Spark plugs that do not work optimally have a gap different from the factory settings.

Engine is Misfiring

An issue with the ignition system is among the leading cause of engine misfiring. When the wire connected to the spark plug is damaged, the engine may exhibit intermittent stumbling. With constant misfiring, the fuel economy may go up, and the engine power decrease.

Hard to Start

Spark plugs remain among the most critical components of the internal combustion system. Therefore, if you have fouled plug, there is no way for fuel to ignite in the chamber, and you will have trouble starting your vehicle.

Rough Idle

Monitor for signs such as engine vibrations accompanied by jittery sounds if spark plugs are failing.

Schedule Vehicle Inspection and Spark Plug Replacement Today

Like motor oil and air filters, spark plugs require constant checking and regular change during routine maintenance and service. If you need spark plug replacement from a reputable shop, visit or give our auto repair shop a call today!