What Are the Signs of Dirty Fuel Injectors?

Most people don't think of fuel injectors when it comes to maintenance, but they play a vital role. Fuel injectors manage fuel flow and fuel going into the combustion chamber to enable the combustion process. Without proper care, the fuel injectors may cause various issues, including electrical problems and clogs/build-ups. Please be alert at the signs of bad injectors so that you act fast:

Check Engine Light Comes On

One of the issues that can trigger the check engine light to come on or to flash is a malfunctioning fuel injector. When a fuel injector fails, it will enable too much or too little gasoline to go into the engine. The engine control unit (ECU) will then detect the fluctuations of fuel in the motor, and consequently, can cause the check engine light to come on.

Rough Idling

If you notice an unpleasant noise coming from your motor while you're idling, it may be a warning signal of bad fuel injectors. The noise occurs when particles build up on the injector nozzles, thus influencing the amount of spray and atomization of gas. 

Engine Misfiring

If you've experienced engine misfiring or even a delayed response when you step on the accelerator pedal, then you may have to think twice about your fuel injectors. An insufficient amount of air and fuel will cause your engine to misfire. 

Fuel Leaks

If there's a strong smell of fuel in your cabin coupled with at least one of the signs above, then there's a strong likelihood that you could have a fuel leak caused by dirty injectors. Fuel injectors can begin leaking when they are overworn or improperly used.


Fuel injectors are essential for the combustion process to take place efficiently. Whenever you experience any of the signs mentioned earlier, please reach out to Autobahn Auto Repair for assistance. You will want to have this problem fixed immediately before your safety is put on the line. Please give us a call or visit us today!