What are the Most Common BMW Problems?

BMW is a prestigious brand that is a favorite to many. Its high-tech features and lavish interiors make it stand out among most luxury vehicles. However, there's a need to be incognizant of the problems that may arise while owning such an exceptional car.

Cooling System Failure

A cooling system secures the engine from suffering high temperatures in order to ensure the car runs efficiently. The cooling system may fail as a result of the wear in the plastic and other components used to make the water pumps. Though the components are durable, they cannot last forever, considering the number of times the engine needs to be cooled down after heating up.

Engine Oil Leaks

Just as blood is vital in running your body, it is with oil in a car. In most cases, the oil may exit the system as a result of a damaged oil pan that was ruined by an obstruction such as rocks. It is easily damaged as it is right beneath the car, so much attention while driving could save you the hassle.

Dead Batteries

Batteries are crucial components in any vehicle as they start up the engine and run other components such as sensors. Dead batteries are a result of various reasons such as external devices plugged in, an old battery, or a faulty alternator. It is important to figure out the cause of dead batteries before resolving to purchase a new one.

Stiff Windows

It is inconvenient when windows can't roll up or down. Windows become stiff and fail to function when there's a cable detachment. It causes a disruption in the pulleys that break loose; thus, the proper functioning of the windows is greatly hampered.

Door Locks Issues

The erratic problem is majorly linked to the malfunctioning of the key fobs. All modern BMWs' door system is electric-based; thus, a dead battery may trigger a failure in the key fob programming. Problems do arise and wreak havoc. Repairing is the ultimate choice as it retains the value of your BMW.

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