5 Tips to Prevent Vehicle Rust

If a squeaky-clean car is a dream, rust is the biggest nightmare. We’ve now entered fall, and winter is just around the corner. Colder seasons bring more rain and moisture, making vehicles more susceptible to rust. Rust doesn’t just come from trapped moisture; old age and neglect can also be the cause. If your car isn’t in a garage and is continuously exposed to the elements, pollutants in the air can create damage. Rust is entirely avoidable with the right preventative maintenance. Below are a few tips to prevent rust from taking over your vehicle. 

Wash your car.
You should wash your car every other week. Dirt, dust, and debris can cause rust to accumulate faster. If you have the time, also make sure you apply wax to prevent future paint damage.

Anti-rust spray.
If you’re already noticing a bit of rust accumulation, an anti-rust spray may help remove it and save you money on repairs.

Ceramic Coating Spray.
While giving your car a wax right after a car wash is helpful, ceramic coating is another powerful way to prevent rust. Ceramic coating is not only cost-effective but also long-lasting. You don’t need to reapply it. One coat is enough to notice the benefits. 

Keep the inside of your vehicle dry.
Moisture inside the vehicle can get trapped within the car and cause rust to accumulate from the inside out. If there’s spillage inside your vehicle, make sure to air it out thoroughly. Rubber mats help prevent moisture or road salts from leaking through the carpet into the vehicle steel floor. 

Be careful where you park.
Dirt, puddles, and grass surfaces are breeding grounds for vehicle rust. Some road surfaces may also accumulate road salts. If possible, choose parking spots that are garaged or covered. 

Rust can wreak havoc to your vehicle. With a little tender love and care, rust is preventable. By staying on top of preventative maintenance, rust can be avoided. If you need help with rust removal, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.