Tips for Transporting Your Christmas Tree Home

Before you can decorate the Christmas tree, place gifts under it, and get in the holiday spirit, you have to get the tree home from the lot first. You're going to need a trusty car and some tools to bring it home without damaging the tree or your car. Before you head on over to pick your tree this year, please make a note of the following tips!

Gather your supplies

To do the job successfully, you will need a blanket, tarp, or sheet to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle from sap and needles. This layer between your tree and the roof of the car can serve to prevent scratches. You'll also need rope, bungee cording, or strong straps to fasten the tree. And don't forget a good pair of gloves to avoid a prick!

Protect your car with wax

Before carrying your tree, it's a good idea to get car wax to protect your vehicle's paint. Car wax provides a worthwhile layer of protection.

Have your tree netted

If the service is available at the farm, make sure it's netted before leaving. This net helps preserve the tree. Netted trees are also less prone to sustain damage to the limbs and lose fewer needles during the journey home.

Secure in the proper direction/position

The stump end of the Christmas tree should be facing the front of the vehicle to avoid wind damage. That way, when you drive, the wind will force the limbs and needles in the tree's natural direction. After securing the tree to the roof, please tug at it to double-check that it's fastened. If you insufficiently attach a tree to your vehicle, you risk creating hazardous debris and an accident that can harm you and others. 

Have your car cleaned after

Once you get the tree inside your house, don't forget to clear off any sap or stray needles. The sooner you have your car cleaned, the less likely you'll have to worry about it later on.


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