Signs Your BMW Needs a Tune-Up in Newark, NJ

Signs Your BMW Needs a Tune-Up

No matter if your BMW is fresh off the lot or a late-model classic, at some point, it will need a tune-up. BMW’s are luxury vehicles, and proper vehicle maintenance can help them stand the test of time. Tune-ups can mean something different for each driver. Still, they all are preventative maintenance that promotes consistent vehicle performance—servicing your BMW based on manufacturer’s recommendations not only prevents significant problems in the future but increases the lifespan. If you don’t remember the last time your BMW has been serviced, below are a few common signs your Bimmer needs a tune-up. 

Worsening Gas Mileage

If your BMW once had excellent fuel efficiency, but you find yourself filling up the tank more than usual, it may be time for a tune-up. A decrease in fuel efficiency is not a normal occurrence. It usually indicates there’s an underlying problem. A decrease in gas mileage can indicate a dirty engine filter or fuel filter. There can be problems with the fuel injectors or spark plugs. A tune-up is an excellent opportunity to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected to determine the cause. 

It’s difficult to start your BMW

If your engine is struggling to turn over, there can be several different issues at hand. Did you leave any electrical components on during your last drive? If so, the battery could have died. Have your vehicle checked the moment the engine fails to turn over. A problem of this sort can be easily found and diagnosed. If there aren’t any other symptoms happening, this is an indication your BMW needs a tune-up. 

There are unusual knocking sounds

Your BMW should never make a pinging or knock sound, as they usually indicate a significant problem with the engine. If there are knocking sounds, you may even notice rough idling when you bring your vehicle to a stop. It may be time for an oil change or to replace the spark plugs. A tune-up should help resolve this issue quickly and have you back on the road safely. 

BMW Repair, Newark NJ

Here at Autobahn Auto Repair, our ASE certified technicians are BMW specialists with over 45 years of combined experience. Our experience and specialized training are unmatched in Newark, NJ. Our team uses only the best equipment and technology to service BMWs. Our tune-ups include a complete bumper to bumper inspection with a detailed report. Based on your inspection results, we offer a customized tune-up service based on your vehicle’s needs. If you notice any of the above signs, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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