Ignoring These Vehicle Repairs May Get You Pulled Over

The present state of the country has left many people financially burdened. Some drivers may feel like they don’t have the resources or time to address their mechanical issues and repairs. Ignoring some car repairs may save you money in the short term, but can lead to major costly repairs and fix-it tickets in the long run. Below are common mechanical issues you should address right away to avoid an unexpected traffic ticket or repair bill:

A cracked windshield
If your windshield has a small chip in it, get it repaired as soon as you notice it. Small chips are relatively inexpensive to repair and saves the windshield from needing a full-on replacement. If the chip turns into a crack that obstructs your view, you could be looking at a costly replacement bill and a fix-it ticket if pulled over.

Broken tail lights, headlights, or turn signals
It’s essential to regularly check all lights on your vehicle to ensure that they’re all properly functioning. If you’re caught on the road with any of these components broken, you may end up with a fix-it ticket due to a traffic violation.

Unusually loud exhaust system
A damaged or modified exhaust system can cause it to become louder than usual. How loud they can be before they’re considered disturbing ranges from state to state. If you notice your exhaust is excessively loud, it’s always best to bring your vehicle in to have it inspected.

A Dirty, damaged, or difficult to read license plate
Always make sure your vehicle is clean, especially the license plate. This also goes for plastic covers or tints that are used to doll them up. If your license plate is unreadable, you may be pulled over.

The mechanics here at Autobahn Auto Repair would be more than happy to help inspect your vehicle and offer any suggestions for issues that might catch law enforcement’s eye. We’re here to keep repair costs low and help avoid those pesky fix-it tickets. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.