How to Maintain Your Vehicle Lights

Your headlights and brake lights are arguably the most important exterior features of your car. The headlights provide a light source for night driving, while the brake lights signal to other drivers when you're stopping or slowing down. For those reasons, these particular sets of lights must always be functioning whenever you drive.

Over time, your lights can crack, fog up through water damage, or face an electrical problem. Fortunately, headlight maintenance is generally an easy fix for our technicians. Here are some headlight/brake light care tips that you can follow:



The starting step to proper headlight and brake light maintenance is to conduct regular, frequent inspections of the lights. This can be a swift walk-around where you check the lights for any failures, uneven dimness, and other defects. For brake lights, it can be trickier since you'll need an extra person to step on the brakes. If something looks out of order or needs replacing, be sure to take action immediately — take your vehicle to Autobahn Auto Repair!



If the headlight or brake lights are covered with debris, it can severely hinder the lights' effectiveness. It is particularly hazardous for headlights as it can seriously affect your perceptibility at night when headlights are supposed to be in use. If your lights look cloudy, give them a deep clean. 



In cases where the lights are damaged or no longer function properly, you'll need to get a replacement. Driving with malfunctioning headlights or brake lights can lead to a ticket. In fact, it is one of the main aims traffic police pull vehicles over. So make a trip to Autobahn Auto Repair for immediate replacements to get you back on the road.



Certain states permit vehicles to be equipped with custom headlights or brake light modifications (also referred to as "mods"). If you have any plans to get them, be sure these satisfy laws for brightness, wattage, tinting, etc.


You should start to develop a good habit that will keep you and your vehicle's lights out of trouble. As mentioned before, these lights are crucial to drive safely on the road. If you need immediate servicing, come into our shop today.