Healthy & Tasty Road Trip Snacks

We're sure many of you have some road adventures coming up as we approach the spring and summer. And what is a road trip without the essential snacks! Whether salty or sweet, there's a go-to that you can pack for everyone. Plus, you don't worry about paying for snacks at gas-station prices. Here are some snacks you should bring on your next road trip!


Granola/Protein Bars

If you're a foodie, you know that snack bars can be tricky. Some are marketed to be healthy but include high amounts of sugar and unknown chemicals. The best bars have natural ingredients like oats, nuts, natural sugars, etc. If chosen correctly, they'll provide you with enough energy without having an energy crash.


Fresh Fruit

When you're on the road and hungry, take some fresh-cut fruit with you. You don't have to feel guilty for overindulging in them as you would with chips or candy.


Beef Jerky

Snacking on something high in protein, like jerky, is a great way to avoid starving on the road. They come in various meats and flavors, and the snack isn't quite as messy as other snacks tend to be.



When compared to other types of nuts, walnuts contain the most plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. They'll keep you feeling full for more extended periods, which is excellent if you want to avoid making frequent stops on a long road trip.


PB&J Sandwiches

PB&Js are the easiest to pack last minute, and they're a great road trip food option. You can store them in a cooler if you use jelly, or you can omit it or use honey! 


If your vehicle is about to embark on a long trip, we encourage you to bring your vehicle to Autobahn Auto Repair in Newark, NJ, for a pre-trip inspection. This will ensure your ride is safe and comfortable enough for the open road.