Does Power Steering Fluid Need to Be Replaced?

Most drivers rarely think of their cars' power steering fluid. Some are not even aware of when or how often they should replace it until their steering system develops a problem or a mechanic recommends it. Still, they are not sure if it is really necessary. The power steering system plays two vital roles. It transfers the hydraulic power required to steer your vehicle wheels back and forth, lubricates and preserves the components in constant motion within the system.

Do You Really Need to Replace Your Power Steering Fluid?

Unlike most other fluids, the power steering fluid does not burn off easily. All the same, over the days, dirt particles and sludge accumulates in the fluid, contaminating it. Once it gets dirty, the fluid puts extra stress on the fluid pump and the entire system. If left unattended, it could cause extensive and costly damages.

Here are a few ways to know that your car requires a power steering replacement:

Check Out the Owner's Manual

Your owner's manual contains a lot of valuable information about your car, including its schedule for various services. If yours contains information on when to replace your power steering fluid, it would be best to follow it to the latter. You might even find instructions on the best formulation to use for the best performance.

Inspect your Power Steering Fluid

When you want to inspect the power steering fluid, drive over a short distance, stop, dunk under the hood and check the condition of the fluid using a dipstick. If its color is anything other than fairy bright red, there might be a problem. If yours is dark, mostly accompanied by a weird burning smell, the fluid might be damaged due to overheating and no longer functional. If you notice any particles on your fluid, it is an indication that your fluid is contaminated and requires flushing.

Noisy Pump?

As your fluid gets more contaminated, the pump becomes noisier as the contaminants make it harder for the pump to do its work. Besides, you may notice that it takes more effort to turn the wheel. In such a case, it would be best if you took your car for a steering system inspection and, most probably, flushing.

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