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Don’t Forget to Use Your Parking Brake

The parking brake is sometimes called a handbrake or an emergency brake, depending on who you’re talking to. It’s no wonder some drivers become confused about its function and when to use it. The method of how you use it will change depending on whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual. All parking brakes are not made equal across the board. Some vehicles may have a hand brake, a switch brake, or a foot brake depending on its make and model. The parking brake has a mechanical system that bypasses the hydraulic braking system. This system stops the car in an emergency or keeps it in place when it’s parked. Knowing the proper time to use your parking brake is vital in operating your vehicle and is often overlooked. Below is a list of tips for when it may be best to use your parking brake. For everyday parking, you should use your parking brake before shifting your car into the park gear. Using the parking brake before putting the vehicle into park limits the stress placed ... read more