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Newark Tire Services

At Autobahn Auto Repair, we are your source for all of your vehicle’s tire needs here in Newark, NJ. We are proud to provide high-quality tire services including tire installation, tire balancing, tire rotation, and tire inspections. We also sell tires and can help you make a more informed decision about what new tires are best for you and your vehicle.

We understand that buying a new set of tires for your vehicle can be overwhelming. Whether you are choosing a quality set for general vehicle use or need a specific type of tire, the certified tire expert here at Autobahn Auto Repair can assist in helping you decide on the perfect set for your needs, vehicle make and model, driving habits, and budget. We sell a variety of tires including major brands such as Michelen, BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental, and much more.

A good set of tires is important to your safety on the road, which is why we recommend that you have your vehicle’s tires inspected on a regular basis to check for wear or other damage. We also take a look at your vehicle’s tire pressure to ensure that all tires are properly inflated. Under or over inflated tires can cause premature wear on the tires and can also decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, so this is important to be aware of.

Another important tire service to have performed regularly is tire balancing. We typically recommend this service every time that you replace one or more of your tires, and check it every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. Tire balancing basically ensures that each tire is receiving the same amount of pressure from carrying the weight of your vehicle. Tires that are out of balance can cause excessive and uneven wear on one or more of your tires, which can lead to you needing new tires faster than normal.

Regular tire rotation is also vital to preventing premature tire wear and can end up saving you money on new tires over time. A tire rotation process consists of moving your tires from the front to the back, and moving them from one side of your vehicle to the other or a combination of both. This basically ensures that each tire wears down evenly and simultaneously so that you can replace your tires as a set.

When you need tire services in Newark, NJ, look no further than the professionals here at Autobahn Auto Repair for all of your vehicle’s needs. Give us a call or use our online appointment form to schedule your next visit today!