Newark Auto Inspection and Diagnostics

If your vehicle is in need of inspection and diagnostics in Newark, NJ, Autobahn Auto Repair has a team of certified auto mechanics that can accurately and quickly attend to your auto repair needs. We can provide you with inspection and diagnostics for your vehicle in Newark, NJ and will explain to you what you need to know in order to make auto repair decisions.

If you drive a car that has computer diagnostic capabilities, the auto mechanics at Autobahn Auto Repair's auto repair shop are specifically trained on all the latest technology. Moreover, we are equipped with the latest tools for working on onboard diagnostics. However, after the computer diagnostics, a manual inspection has to be performed in order to confirm the cited problems, because there are factors that cause confusion.

If you drive an older vehicle and you are in need of manual inspection, let our auto mechanics help you with that. We'll inspect the situation under your hood and after we're done, we'll tell you what type of repairs are needed for your vehicle. Customer service is of utmost importance to Autobahn Auto Repair and because of that, we provide customers with a shuttle service and loaner cars. We want your inspection and diagnostics experience with us to be as stress-free as possible.

Our team of auto mechanics at Autobahn Auto Repair has earned a stellar reputation among customers for their accurate and expeditious inspection and diagnostics work in Newark, NJ. 

If you want more information about our inspection and diagnostics services, give us a call or stop by our auto repair shop, located at 638 Raymond Blvd., Newark, NJ, 07105, so we can go over the specifics as they apply to auto repair for your car.